Groups:  Spiritual Growth

We want all people to expand their knowledge of who God is and how he wants to transform them for the sake of others.  Through Groups, which include Bible study, training, mentoring, classes, and experiences, we will prepare people to be joyful, lifelong disciples who reproduce other disciples.

Our mission is to: 

"Equip all people to live as disciples and grow in wisdom and knowledge of God continually!"

Rev Peggy Hoy is the Team Leader. If you are interested in getting connected  in a small group community or you are seeking spiritual growth opportunities, please reach out the the team at:  


IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN ANY ZOOM CLASSES  BEING OFFERED, PLEASE CONTACT :  We will send you a list of classes offered with the links and the passwords.  

Spiritual Growth Study Materials FREE To You! RightNow Media

Here at CORNERSTONE, we value TRANSFORMATION and encourage Sunday School Classes, small groups, and learning communities of any kind to use RightNow Media.  The church pays for the membership annually, but the cost to you is zero!   We want it to be a free resource for you!   

RightNow Media is like the Netflix of Christian videos for every age group and every life situation.  You will have anytime access to a large online video library with thousands of videos of Bible Studies and Children's safe programming and can be accessed via your computer, smart phone, tablet and even TV.  Go to for a 2 minute demonstration.  

Get a free subscription of RightNow Media here  >

Adult Sunday School Classes

If you are interested in attending an Adult Sunday School Class-please contact Pastor Peggy:


At Cornerstone, we believe that life is better when we walk together!  Small group communities are an essential part of our faith journey so that we can connect, grow, serve and be transformed into the image of Christ.  

Want to join a group but don't know how? 

Contact the Equip Team at and we will assist you. 

Purpose for  Faith communities

Life groups, small groups, and learning communities are a meaningful way to connect in the Body of Christ.  It is tough to have a deep relationship by merely attending church services.  In smaller communities real relationships are built as you study together, share life together, have open/honest conversations and serve together.  As we follow Christ TOGETHER "iron sharpens iron" and life giving friendships emerge and true discipleship takes place.  We become disciples that help make disciples! 

  • PUrsuit of God

    In small communities we can actively grow in our relationship with God through worship, Bible study and encouraging each other to walk in obedience.  We can learn what it means to follow Jesus.  

  • Transparent Connections

    Small community members are real and authentic with each other.  Through study, sharing life and having FUN we can move beyond superficial relationships and be ourselves.   

  • authentic service

    This means that groups find tangible ways of spreading Christ's love by serving our communities and engaging with non-Christians in real friendships on a regular basis.  The possibilities are endless!  The main goal is to make serving the way of life!  

  • Growing Together

    As in nature, anything living is either growing or dying.  It is important for groups to multiply and reproduce.  We accomplish this by being open to accepting new members and inviting others to join us!  We also birth new groups as the need arises because we want everyone to be blessed by the joy of growing together!  


    Contact us today and we can guide you on this journey!