Our Staff

The church staff is here to serve you. Please feel free to reach out them by contacting the church office at 937-642-4712. 

  • Rev Nathan Custer

    Lead Pastor

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    As well as being the one holding the office together on a daily basis, Elisa leads our Women’s Ministry in weekly Bible studies, prayer meetings and community outreach activities. 

  • Rev Peggy Hoy


    Equipping Pastor 

    Ext 108

    Wade has been playing guitar with our church’s praise team since he was a freshman in our high school group. He now leads our congregation in worship every Sunday morning, also having a passion to raise up worship leaders in this next generation.


  • REV Mark Confer

    Youth Pastor

    Ext 105

    Daniel has been leading our church for over 10 years. His thoughtful teaching, passion for the Word and counseling experience has helped our ministry grow into the thriving community of believers we are today. 


  • Lisa Nichols

    business Administrator
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  • Teri Dunlap

    Administrative Assistant

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  • Janet clark

    ADministrative Assistant and Nursery Supervisor

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  • Lisa Hughes

    Children Ministry director

    EXT 103

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  • John Caballes
    Contemporary Worship Leader

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  • LInda Forry

    Traditional Worship DIRECTOR

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  • Greg Williams

    Financial Development Director

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  • JILL Miller

    Preschool Director

    EXT 114

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  • Bill Delong

    FACILITies manager

    EXT 107

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  • John Burchett

    building superintendent

    EXT 112

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Methodist Creative Preschool

2023-2024 Teachers & Director

        Jill Miller (Director)      Connie Zook      Stephanie Gluntz

                   Michelle Carter        Sarah Connolly        Kelly Harrison