The world needs to hear the good news of Jesus and he has given us the joy and responsibility to go and make disciples.  We are sent out to our own spheres of influence: homes, schools, offices, neighborhoods, and to the ends of the earth.

Interested in getting involved in serving others and being sent? Contact

SEND: LOCAL OUTREACH – To discuss service opportunities in our local area, contact our Outreach Team leaders Barry Haigh (, or Ellen Traucht ( 


SEND: MISSIONS – To discuss service opportunities beyond our immediate community, contact the Missions Team through Pastor Nathan (, 937-642-4712) or Mary Anne Wenner, 

SEND: YOUTH MINISTRY - To discuss opportunities for students and adult leaders to serve internationally, domestically, and locally, please contact Pastor Mark Confer (, 937-642-4712). 

Find out More about our MissionArIEs & Organizations

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  • GIVE:
    Hands and Feet AC

    PO Box 1168 Eagle Pass, TX 78853



    Pray God to wholly restore the spirit, soul and body of our children, and to grow in the knowledge and Love of our God.

    GO (Serving Opportunity):
    You are always welcome. There are several needs in our community from social service, medical services, teaching the word of God, teaching your mother language, perform repairs or paint the building. 

  • GIVE
    Address: TMS GLOBAL, 

    PO Box 936559, 

    Atlanta, GA 31193-6559.
    Phone:  800.478.8963
    Email:   Hayden Karp:


    Pray for the salvation and life transformation of all those with whom we are sharing the love and Gospel of Jesus with.
    Pray that God will guide our every step and use us to see many movements of people to Jesus and into the Kingdom of God. 
    Pray that God will heal and bless our Indian children and guide them for His glory and their good in all things, especially regarding the opportunity to study at LCC.
    Pray that God will give us opportunities daily to share His love and light with anyone we come in contact with.  Pray that He will open the doors that He wants us to walk through and close those He doesn’t want us to walk through. 

    GO (Serving Opportunity):
      A) What we are doing is something anyone can do in their own lives.  We are building relationships among the diaspora population in our community as well as with our neighbors where we currently live and sharing life and the love of Jesus with them.
    B) We would be glad to lead anyone in the church interested in the “Who is My Neighbor” resource that we are creating with TMS GLOBAL.  Each part is an 8-week study with a video and a DBS.  We can lead groups through Part 1 as well as Part 2 when it is ready to be piloted this summer.
    C) We would also gladly discuss ways that the church can live missionally in their own neighborhoods.  We are willing to come alongside anyone who is interested in partnering with God on His mission right where they live, work, learn and play. 

    Christmas Miracle Continuation

    2021 Christmas Letter from Given Family

    2021 Given Family Christmas Card

  • GIVE
    PO Box 443
    Westerville, OH 43086


    Pray for the opening of our third prison reentry program and for our participants still incarcerated. 

    GO (Serving Opportunity):

    Navigators (mentors), services for returning citizens including housing & jobs. 

  • GIVE


    GO (Serving Opportunity):

  • GIVE

    Address: 100 Airport Ave E,
    Venice, FL 34285


    Please pray for our ministry to glorify God in all that we do. That we may listen to His direction and continue to follow the amazing walk of faith started by our founders over 40 years ago. Pray for our 300+ missionary families living in difficult, stressful, and dangerous circumstances on the field.

    GO (Serving Opportunity):
    Volunteer work teams are usually customized to meet special project needs. Teams are especially helpful in times of relief response. To discuss further, please contact Carole Leman. Email: 

  • GIVE


    GO (Serving Opportunity):
    a. Friday Night Life Sponsors Needed in 2021
    Good Works has been providing a dinner to adults and children who struggle with food insecurity, hunger and homelessness every Friday Night for 28 years.  We are committed to providing a hot and nutritious meal every Friday Night in 2021.

    But we need small groups to sponsor the meal.

    Right now, we are asking for sponsors to commit to sponsoring one Friday in 2021 and prepare around 60 meals 

    During January 2021, we are handing out these meals to those who come to The Plains UMC between 4:30 and 5:30 pm. In February, it is our hope that we can begin to sit-down inside again. In April, we will return to outdoor, picnic style meals on the Good Works Luhrig Road Property.

    If you can organize a small group of people to provide one Friday Night meal this year for 60 people,  please contact us by replying to this email (email@good-works,net)  or call Darlene at 740.594.3339 to schedule a date and receive more information. Meals would be prepared off site and are brought to The Plains UMC at 4:00 pm on the Friday you commit to.

    Sponsors have the option of dropping off the food at 4:00 pm or staying  to serve with us. 

    b. Week of Service; We invite you to pass the word about our need for volunteers, and of the open weeks of service we have at Good Works for small groups to come and stay with us and serve with us this summer. We are especially looking for small groups who are willing to come to Athens and work alongside us as we construct our new shelter we call Sign of HOPE.  

    For more information on Sign of HOPE, click here:

    On a typical year, we welcome 25 to 35 different weekend or week-long service groups. 2020 was not typical and 2021 is turning into an unusual year too. We had a few of our scheduled summer volunteer groups cancel so we have several open weeks.  A group can come for a whole week or a partial week. We do provide accommodations.  If you would like more information reply to this email and/or call Paul Richard at 740.594.3336. Paul is overseeing the volunteers and the construction this summer. 

    The open weeks are:

    June 27 to July 3

    July 11 to July 17

    July 18 to July 24

    July 25 to July 31

    August 1 to August 7

    Typically, groups arrive on Sunday night, stay in the Good Works Hannah House, provide and prepare their own food and work with us during the week. We are willing to talk through adjustments to this. 

    Earlier this spring, we had six of the seven weeks scheduled, but we have had some last-minute cancellations as recently as last week. This has provided quite a challenge for us because it is a little late in the season to schedule new groups. So, we are reaching out to see if you know of a small group (even 2 to 5 people) who would find JOY in coming and serving with us this summer.


    December 2021

    November 2021

    October 2021

    September 2021

    August 2021

  • Beth Beach


    CRU (Cleveland and NE Ohio)

    Address: 100 Lake Hart Dr. Orlando, FL 32832

    Phone: 888-278-7233


    I would love prayers for my health. I am about a year into Lyme treatment and mold detox. I would say that I feel about 60% better, which is wonderful and great progress! Please pray that I would continue to respond well to treatment and be at 100% by this time next year. I would also love prayer for preparing and planning for the next school year. God has been faithful during a year of many unknowns and not being able to meet with students face-to-face. While I am so thankful for Zoom, my team and I are eager to be back on campus in the fall. Please be praying for us as we plan for the next year. 

    GO (Serving Opportunity):

    I know there is a distance between Marysville and Cleveland so I’m not sure of what hands out experiences there might be. We do often have Spring Break trips in Cleveland where we could explore what it might look like for volunteers to join that week, if a desire is there! I think the biggest way to partner would be in connecting graduating high school seniors to Cru movements around Ohio. I would love to be able to connect with with high school seniors who are interested in hearing more about Cru, whether that is in Cleveland or connecting them to other staff I know. 

    2021 Christmas Card from Beth Beach

    Michael Gray


    Michael and Amy Gray, through Cru

    Address: 534 Fitzwilliam Way, Orlando, FL 32828




    a. Our girls’ schooling – We’ve been homeschooling this year, even though the school building was open (neither we nor our girls believed they could handle masks and distancing all day every day).  Katie is almost 11 (April 18th) and will be in 6th grade next year, while Emily is almost 8 (April 22nd) and will be in 3rd grade.  (Some particularities about Katie are also a reason we’re not sure it’s best to send her into 6th grade at a public school.)  We’ve begun looking at a co-op, so if we homeschool next year (which is very likely), then it’s also likely we’ll do the co-op one or two days-a-week.

    b. Time balance of life and work – This could potentially always be a prayer request, especially with the girls at home.

    c. Fruitful sabbatical – As mentioned above, our summer assignment is for a sabbatical, and what’s mentioned in our “Summer Goals” would be our prayer requests for it.

    d. God’s provision financially and in every other way – As is one point of this application, we are pursuing more financial partnerships in order to be in a better position to do what God has called us to.

    We have currently a number of practical life realities (house necessities and vehicle maintenance, for example), as well as our ongoing theological and ministry development (Mike with seminary classes and Amy with business analyst training opportunities), just to name a few things.

    But provisions we’re asking for also include wisdom and discernment in parenting, our ministry work, and the aforementioned time balance.


    GO (Serving Opportunity):

    If there are people in the congregation who are interested, we could work to put them in touch with one or more of the many Cru campus movements in and around central Ohio.

    October -November 2021 Newsletter

    William Cross


    Ministry of William Cross with Bridges International/Cru

    Address: 2869 Easy Street Ann Arbor, MI 48104

    Phone: 937-594-3423



     12-1-2021 Prayer Request from William Cross

    12-2021 William Cross Thank  You Card

    GO (Serving Opportunity):

    There are various opportunities available, if volunteer teams are interested in visiting or already have students attending one of our campuses, that my team would love to discuss with further.

FOOD COLLECTION at the BFLC entryway

Food can be dropped off in the entryway of the BFLC. 

Donated items support our local food pantries at Marysville Food Pantry & Hope Center!  

Thank you for your beautiful, giving heart church!

Ways to serve at the Hope Center

The Hope Center provides a variety of services for people around Marysville. If you have ever visited the Hope Center facilities, you understand it takes many hands to keep the facilities and programs running. There are many opportunities to serve, especially for retired persons/couples. If you love God and all people, you can do this! No special skills required! Here are just a few of the more challenging positions for the Hope Center to fill: 

 Furniture Bank: 

M/W 10-2; Someone with a truck or access to one and can do some lifting. Several persons are needed for this position. 

 Teen Mentors: 

Do you have a desire to help teens in our community? There are several opportunities (11 kids have been on a waiting list for over almost a year!) open to help mentor these kids. There is a training program to help you with this role. 

 Donation Intake Person: 

Probably one of the more challenging areas at the Hope Center to keep up with! Can you serve 2 hour shifts to help process donations that are brought in to help others? 


Great opportunity for a retire person – the biggest need is during the day. Someone to occasionally walk through the building and watch the security cameras. 

If you are interested or have questions, please contact Mary Anne Wenner 937-578-8527 or email at 

More about The Hope Center

The Hope Center of Union County is a ministry of the Marysville Area Ministerial Association that is a community-based, faith-based, multi-service organization that strives to "serve the whole person to transform the whole community". It is located at 212 Chestnut Street, Marysville, Ohio, 43040,  937-303-4209, in the former East Elementary building. Some of the agencies located at Hope Center include the Personal Needs Pantry, the Clothes Closet, the Youth Center, Union County Outreach Taskforce (on-site meals and off-site housing assistance), the Esperanza Cafe, Aglow, Union County Emergency Assistance Program and Here 4 Hope.

The Hope Center needs volunteers in several areas, including receptionists, the Community Kitchen (assistant manager), and in their newly renovated clothes closet called Restored 61.  If you would like more information or to volunteer, please contact Tisha Miller at Additional information, see

Ways You Can Serve in Our Local Community

BUOY - Building Up Our Youth

Do you have a heart for Jesus and our area youth?  Do you have 2-4 hours a month to invest in the life of a young person?  The Hope Center has launched a new faith-based ministry called B.U.O.Y. (Building Up Our Youth) to partner adult mentors with area youth.  Through B.U.O.Y., mentors will become an encouraging friend to students through one-on-one activities, texts, calls, or notes of encouragement.  A buoy is used to keep someone or something afloat. Are you being called to do just that?  “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few.”  Matt 9:37.  The need for male mentors is especially great!   For more information, email at or by leaving a message at the Hope Center 937.303.4209.

Community Thanksgiving Dinner
The Community Thanksgiving Dinner has become an annual way to reach out to those who would not otherwise have such a feast on Thanksgiving Day.  The meal is provided for our county’s seniors, shut-ins, and those families who are struggling this season.  In past years, more than 800 meals were provided to our neighbors.  

This community outreach cannot happen without people like you!  Here are some ways in which you can help:

- Send a monetary donation                     

- Food donation (pies, cakes, rolls)        

- Drivers to deliver meals

- Volunteers—cooks, set-up servers, food preparation

Please visit the Community Thanksgiving Dinner website for more info and to sign up to volunteer:

Prison Ministry

The Prison Ministries of Kairos, Epiphany and Embark offer the redeeming love of Christ to the incarcerated through weekend spiritual retreats and providing transitional support from prison back into the community.

The ministries of Kairos, Epiphany and Embark serve a powerful purpose in offering the redeeming love of Christ to those our society would term "the least of these".  Many in our church are active in prison ministry through these ministries as well as weekly Bible studies in the prisons.

Financial contributions to these ministries make it possible for individuals in our church to serve on spiritual weekends through Kairos and Epiphany.  Contributions also help Embark to provide the necessary resources for their reentry program, including: curriculum, transitional housing, food, clothing, bus passes and more.

To find out more about how you can get involved in with these ministries you can contact  Kent Money or calling the church office at 937-642-4712. 

Serving Beyond Our Community

Operation Christmas Child

We collect year round for Operation Christmas Child. A donation bin is located in the BFLC entrance. The list below is a suggestion; please feel free to donate any other items you would like. However, no candy, gum, or toothpaste is allowed.

FebruaryCombs, brushes and hair accessories
MarchHats, scarves and gloves
AprilDeodorant and bar soap
MayRaisins, animal crackers, cheese crackers (NO CANDY OR GUM)
JuneColoring books, activity books, journals
JulyFlip Flops, socks, sun glasses
AugustSchool supplies
SeptemberCrayons, markers, colored pencils
OctoberChap stick, small package of Kleenex

For questions, contact Kathy Titmuss-Smith or the office at (937) 642-4712.