The worship ministry strives to create an environment where we all can come into the presence of God wherever we are in our walk with Him. There are several areas of service within the worship ministry.


Cornerstone's music ministry is unique, diverse and has variety that appeals to all ages. Our different praise leaders each bring something each week, from hymns, contemporary songs, choir music and original music written by some of our own members to the occasional accordion, brass ensemble, cello solo and more.

Children's Story

At Cornerstone we strongly believe in fostering our children and youth to have a personal relationship with God. We truly desire that they get excited about and on fire for Christ. Through engaging, exciting and interactive stories, the children's story helps to bring the message of God's love in a memorable and approachable way.


While much of what we remember at church happens in the front there is an essential team behind the scenes that makes all of that possible. The audio/visual team works toward balancing a myriad of sounds, visuals and recordings. Each sabbath the audio/visual team works hand in hand with the praise team to set up, sound check, run song lyrics as well as records the sermon for availability online.

Special Sabbaths


Partaking in communion is truly a beautiful way to connect with Christ. Just as we are each unique and have our own personal view of God, our communion services are also unique. Each communion is different and very powerfully reminds us of the great sacrifice Jesus paid for us so willingly. All attendees, including both members and visitors, are invited to partake in communion. We practice communion once a quarter. 

Pathfinder Sabbath (youth)

Once a year we are blessed to have the youth prepare, plan and present the worship service. We have an incredibly active pathfinder club and we very strongly encourage each of them to learn their spiritual gifts and serve where they are excited to serve.

Children's church

Once a year we plan an entire worship service specifically for our children. Fun, engaging songs, stories, pictures, and even games are all part of this service that, even though targeted towards the children, excite and bless the children in all of us.

Outdoor worship

Out in nature we are able to see the artistic and creative work of God. Twice a year Cornerstone takes its walls down and worships together out in the beautiful areas God created for us. It is a wonderful mix of a casual environment, fostering personal relationships, enjoying the outdoors, great food, and a wonderful message.