building a bridge

the bible uses many metaphors when describing the church:

the body of Christ ephesians 4:13
a flock of sheep 1 peter 5:2, 4
a bride john 3:29; revelation 21:2; matthew 25
a field of grain matthew 13:24-30
the temple of God 1 corinthians 3:16
God’s house hebrews 3:6
a vine john 15:5
a tree romans 11:17-24
a family 1 timothy 5:1, 2; 2 corinthians 6:18

at cornerstone we have developed an illustration of the christian church that fits what we are trying to be: a bridge between the community and Christ.  the cornerstone church is building up a bridge!

bridges connect !

one of the oldest bridges in the world is the caravan bridge in izmir, turkey; one of the most photographed is the golden gate bridge in san francisco, california, usa; one of the tallest is the millau viaduct near millau, france, only 37 meters shorter than the empire state building; one of the most recognizable is the tower bridge in london, england, united kingdom; one of the longest bridges in the world is the danyang-kunshan grand bridge between shanghai and nanjing in jiangsu, china. all of these bridges, though constructed differently and varying in appearance, have one thing in common—they all connect one side to another.

the cornerstone mission statement is what the cornerstone church does.  the cornerstone vision is what the cornerstone church is. we are “a bridge between the community and Christ;” we connect people who are far away to the God of the universe. there is nothing in the world more important than this!